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Post Game/Practice Field Maintenance Guide

1.  Remove and store bases and insert markers on posts.  Rake around bases, leveling the area. Tamp if necessary.

2.  Drag infield.  Drag in concentric circles.  Stay at least 2 feet away from edges.  Do no drag the baselines, homeplate area or mound.

3.  Sweep turf edges.  With a push broom, sweep any clay off of the turf edge onto the clay skin area.  This process prevents a buildup of dangerous lips on the turf/skin edges.  This must be done after the game as irrigation will run overnight and wash that clay into the edge making it impossible to remove.  Neglect this practice and we will have lips and mounds by mid-season.

4.  Hand rake baselines, home plate and mound.

          a. Baselines.  lightly rake baselines down the baseline, not across.  This process is extremely important as we want to avoid pushing clay onto the grass.  Also, this method avoids the tendency to create a trench or gully down the entire length of the baseline. 

          b.  Home Plate.  Same process.  Lightly rake to level the area  Rake parallel to the turf edges.           Use a tamper if necessary. 

          c.  Mound.  lightly rake parallel to the edge.  Lightly rake mound up hill.  Use tamper to firm up        rubber and landing areas. 

          When raking and sweeping along edges, always rake parallel to the edge.  Hold the rake at a slight angle to ensure that the clay will not migrate into the turf. 

5.  Return tools to the shed in a neat and orderly manner.  Make sure your shed is as neat for the next coach.  Inform Field Committee members as to any shortages of lime/turface and/or lack of tools. 


Field Care Video