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 Cheshire Reds Travel Baseball



The Cheshire Reds is the travel program within Cheshire Youth Baseball (CYB) open only to residents of Cheshire.  Players are selected through tryouts announced to the broader CYB / CYS community and posted to the CYB / CYS website.  The shared objectives among Reds coaches, players and parents in conjunction with CYB are:

  • Provide a fun experience for all

  • Develop and advance players’ baseball skills and knowledge of the game

  • Play competitive baseball in the greater New Haven and Waterbury areas

  • Positively represent the Town of Cheshire and CYB where ever Reds teams play

For the 2018 season (yes, we're already planning for NEXT year!), the Reds organization will field the following teams:

8U – Vito Catalanotto

9U – Dave Bonomo

10U – Evan Golden

11U – Chris Enders

12U – Darren Kilpatrick

13U - Matt Purpora

These teams play in various local leagues, such as the AABC out of Waterbury and the AAU-affiliated East Shore Travel League out of New Haven.  In general each team’s season will run from early April through late June to early/mid July.  Post-season tournaments will often take a team through to the middle or end of July.  There are typically one or two games during the week and at least that many on weekends.  Additionally, teams will try to practice at least once a week.  Teams also have the option of playing in a non-league tournament.  Over the years, teams have competed in tournaments in MA, NY, MD, DE and other states.  Considering regular season, post-season and non-league tournaments, each team should expect to play 25-40 games.

Reds teams begin working out indoors in January and February, often using school gymnasiums in Cheshire as well as local privately-owned facilities.  Since teams cannot conduct batting practice in our school gyms, we utilize these other facilities to practice hitting.  These winter workouts usually conclude when the weather permits outdoor practice, right about the start of the season.

While some Reds players also choose to play CYB, it is not a requirement to do so.  The decision to play Reds and CYB is one each family should make considering the cost and time commitment associated with playing on two teams with very different schedules.

The Reds organization is governed by the Reds Committee, which consists of the VP of Reds and each of the Reds managers.  The VP of Reds is also part of the CYB Executive Committee to ensure clear communication and coordination between CYB and Reds, and vice-versa.

For questions about the Reds, please feel free to contact Jim Gidicsin, VP of Reds, at jgidicsin@cybcys.org.