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League Rules:

 Please refer to the LL (ages 6-12) or Babe Ruth (ages 13-18) rule book handed out to all managers at the beginning of the season

Local Rules:

Substitutions (enhanced rule) is such No child may sit twice until ALL have sat once. The goal here is to establish balanced playing time

Standings and Play-Off Rules:

a) Team standings are determined by a (3-2-1) points system where 3 pts are awarded for a win, 2 pts for a tie and 1 pt for a loss. The team with the highest point total will be the first place team, the second highest will be the second place team, etc. Note: If there is a tie for first place according to the points accumulated system, head to head record will serve as the first tie breaker and points differential will serve as the third tie breaker. Note: Effective 2013 Season 3rd tiebreaker will be runs against.

b) At the conclusion of the regular season all teams will participate in a single elimination play-off tournament to determine Division Champions. Positions or rankings in this tournament will be assigned at random by a method determined by the Board of Directors.

c) Pitching rules for the play-off games and the championship games are identical to the regular season pitching rules.

d) If a playoff game is called because of darkness or weather, it will be rescheduled and begin at the point of termination and played to its entirety. Note: This refers to an official or unofficial play-off game.

e)  For all play-off games, including the championship games, the home team will be determined by a coin toss.