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How can I become involved in managing, coaching or umpiring?
If you are interested in managing or coaching a team or you would like to become an umpire, please reach out to us using the contacts page.

What is the difference between a team manager and a coach?
In addition to coaching the team, the manager is responsible for the team equipment, team uniforms, scheduling practices, establishing the line up and player substitutions, and is the team point of contact with the Division Commissioner.  The coaches take their direction from the team manager and may be asked to manage the team in his or her absence.

When does the Cheshire Youth Baseball season begin and end?
When the CYB season begins and ends has a lot to do with which league your child plays in as well as the weather.  The following chart can be used as a general guideline.  Please note that all dates given are tentative and subject to change.

What is the difference between the Cheshire Reds and the in-town league?

The Cheshire Reds teams are competitive traveling teams.   Players must try-out for a place on the team.  The teams travel to other towns to play other competitive teams in area leagues.  There is no guaranty of a certain amount of playing time for any player on a Reds team.   The in-town program is less competitive and as the name suggests, the teams only play within the town of Cheshire.  Try-outs are not necessary or even offered as any child who wishes to play in the in-town league can register and will be placed on a team.  Minimum playing times for each player in the in-town league is mandated by the league. 

What team am I on?
Team assignments for each division may vary. Teeball teams will be assigned shortly after registration closes. Team assignments for all other divisions will take place after the player evaluations in March. You will receive an email notification about your player’s team assignment.

Who is my coach?
Your team’s coach and assistant coaches will also be posted on the website. Each head coach will also be reaching out to the players on their team to introduce themselves and to provide you with the best contact details.

Can I make a request to have my child placed on a different team?
We do our best to honor all requests for tee-ball and AA. For AAA, Minors and Majors we honored as many requests as we could during the draft. Once the teams are posted, the rosters are final as the uniforms have been ordered so unfortunately, we cannot move players unless there is some new and exceptional circumstance that was not known previously.

When are my games and practices?
There is a Fields Meeting in February to discuss available fields for the season. We will create schedules for each division as registration closes and the number of teams in each division is known. Tee-ball will be 1 hour on Saturday morning or early afternoon with the earliest time slot at 8am and the last time slot at 1pm. The other division have time slots of 2 hours for practices and games are 2 hours. Each team will have a practice once a week starting the first week of April. Once games start at the end of April, each team (except tee-ball) will have 1 weeknight game, 1 Saturday game and 1 weeknight practice. Once schedules are posted, they are still subject to change based on the weather. If there are rainouts, it’s possible that a scheduled practice may be changed to a game. It’s also possible that a game could be rescheduled to a date not already on the schedule. We will do our best to provide as much notice as possible for all changes to the schedule.

How will I know if a practice or game is cancelled due to rain? 
The town generally notifies all leagues by 3pm if the fields are playable. Once we receive this info, we update the website. If you are signed up for text alerts, you should receive an email to notify you of the cancellation. If you do not receive email alerts, you can always check the schedule on the website and it will indicate if a game or practice has been cancelled.

When does the season end? 
Generally, we time the end of the season with the end of the school year. AAA, Minors and Majors will have playoffs followed by a Championship game after the regular season games. Once the schedules are finalized you will see that these divisions have placeholders for the playoff games. Please note that the exact dates for when each team will play in the playoffs are not finalized but will be communicated later in the season as the playoff schedule is created.

Will there be All Stars or post season baseball?
Our plan is to have an All Star team for Minors and Majors. Last year we had All Star teams as well as a Sea Breeze team for Majors. If there is interest, we can do that again this year. In order to be eligible for the All Star team, players have to play a minimum of 8 regular season games and either live or attend school in Cheshire. Details about tryouts will be communicated later in the season.

What do I need for the season?
All players should have their own helmet, bat, and glove. Cleats (soccer ones are ok) are also recommended (but not required for tee-ball). I would also highly recommend an athletic cup for the boys. Each year we send out a coupon for Dick’s Sporting Goods which can be used toward the purchase of these items….or anything at the store! We will be providing each player with a uniform. For Tee-ball and AA, each player will receive a hat, jersey, pants and socks. For AAA, Minors, and Majors, each player will receive a hat, jersey, pants and a belt. For all softball divisions other than tee ball a defensive mask is required.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?
Your coach or assistant coach should be your first point of contact. If there is an issue with your coach or if your coach is not responding, you should reach out to your division commissioner. Each commissioner is posted to our website. If there is a need for further escalation, please reach out to the VP of baseball directly. Please note that all contact info is listed on our website.

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